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"I enjoy learning new skills"

With an interest in graphics and design and a background in art and design I have progressed into video and digital animation. Video for web or as a marketing tool is something that excites me and occupies alot of my peronal persuits.



Design is something that has always fascinated me and I have used over my entire career. I have used my design acumen with website building and logo design and more, see a selection of my designs here..


Website Design

Designing websites is an extension of my design ability. HTML, CSS and BOOTSTRAP is are the primary tools used when updating an eCommerce site, creating a landing page or an EDM or simply creating a site from scratch.


Video for Web

Video for the web is the latest in my proffesional interests, using a mixture of video edited along side generated graphics resulting in a proffesional product. Web video is now on the rise and accounts for effective coverage when reaching clients/customers over any media, see my gallery here..


About Myself: I have always had an interest in all things visual - even from a young age, and always find interest in following the changing digital landscape. I consider myself well travelled and have lived in Japan and Thailand and various points in my life. When I'm not working I enjoy film, hiking and travel or trying new experiences. Originally from Christchurch, NZ. I am now living in Melbourne, AU. 

Alternate works, Digital Marketing, eCommerce and 3D Design and web : . 

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